Monday, February 10, 2014

The line, the story and the image

The new and interesting works in painting were to be found in the contemporary art galleries, and in some of the international galleries, at the India Art Fair.

Nissim Ben Aderet sketches only in black and white. Also, his compositions are done entirely with lines of different tones. I was delighted to meet the artist at the fair, and he shared that he uses a single, or continuous line "in one breath" as it were, to create his work.
As you can see in the image, with his "one-line" composition, the artist is able to create entire sets of people, spaces, and relationships. There were several such one-of a-kind artists at the fair.

The established Indian galleries had works of a lot of senior artists on view. There were several gems among them. But one would have wished to see newer works as well. Some of the senior artists had included some of their newer work for the Art Fair as well, like these paintings and installations of Paresh Maity.

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