Monday, February 22, 2016

A visual history of time

Cosmologists study the birth and evolution of the universe, and the ultimate fate of the universe. The questions and answers as varied and dynamic as those dealing with the creation of man:
Who am I? Where do I come from? Where am I going?

The artist in Kavita Jaiswal explores the process of creation without all the analytics: enjoying the flow, the colours and forms.

In this composition, the artist explores the space within the womb, where human life is created: exploring the various configurations, waves and harmonies created. So many complex interactions coming together and moving apart.

All the dynamics ultimately evolves towards a unique synthesis of dependent and interdependent processes and forms.

An intense exploration into these forms forces the artist to focus in some of the compositions, on the here and now, the present. In some others, there is an exploration of the dynamics over time. and in some, the two are juxtaposed.

 This composition, titled: "No beginning, no end" is one such. It captures one such moment in the evolution of the earth, as mountains, rivers, valleys, seas and plains form and re-form.

Indeed we could be exploring the birth of man, the earth or the universe. The churning, flowing, appearing and disappearing is all too similar.

All art, and all science, is finally, nothing but an exploration into time and space!