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I'm Mita.
I love the beauty and complexity found in nature all around us, both at the macro as well as at the micro scale, and love to paint and write about it. 

I write in "Kreative World" about anything interesting and creative that I encounter.  And I write in "Sci-Tech-Art" about all that is multi-disciplinary in this area.

Hope you enjoy both pages. Also do have a look at my paintings at

I love particularly to capture patterns and journeys, of rivers and clouds, plants and creepers, or large cosmic objects: they are all awe-inspiring.

This pic is from my last exhibition, for which all the works were inspired by and based upon visual depictions of human genome data.

This collection was inspired by images from the cosmos, as well as my visualization of "Gaia", the "earth-goddess".....

I do original paintings - mostly oil on canvas, and charcoal drawings. Putting two pics here as samples:

I believe there is beauty and mystery all majestic rivers, clouds, hills and forests of course, but also in tiny seeds, tendrils, and in everyday actions and situations. And that is what this blog is all about, the creative world around us:

I like to keep trying out new stuff. I have also done some installations, illustrations and designs. Sharing some pics:

I have studied engineering physics, and management, and have worked in the corporate sector in various sectors- banking, education and IT. All my experiences have contributed towards my special interest in science-technology-art-design.

The blog will cover some such interactions and experiences, that we have in our daily lives, and provide fodder for the creative mind.

If you have suggestions or queries, do contact me at:

Do also visit my website for more examples of my art-work at:

Thanks for visiting my page, and here's an ambigram to end (I enjoy doing them! doodling..):

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