Friday, November 22, 2013

Golden Era

I went to an exhibition recently where the artist was perhaps trying to capture the golden forgotten days of his childhood.

Amit Dutt was exhibiting at the Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi, from his series "Art Sutra" (the closest expression would probably be "the meaning of art".

The paintings were on the theme of various traditional childhood games like "Lattoo" ( a spinning top), "Ludo" (a board game played with a dice, by two or four players), "pitthoo" (played with small flat stones stacked in a column, and with a rubber ball), and "Gilli-Danda" (played with two sticks, a long cylindrical one, and the other one short and rounded). These games are popular as amateur childhood sports in large parts of India and the sub-continent, and do not require much resources.

Here is an image of his composition, with the friends gaily playing "pitthoo".

There were also installations, all on the theme of various artifacts, tools and instruments of yester-years.
I specially liked the dressed-up gramophone:

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Dilli O Dilli

Madhubani paintings refer to various distinctive and ritual art forms practices in the Mithila region of Northern Bihar.
I attended an exhibition of Madhubani paintings from "Traditional to Contemporary" curated by Manisha Jha, who was also one of the artists.
It was extremely refreshing to see Madhubani paintings where the artists while being true to the medium, and its heritage in terms of strokes and nuances, explored their individual creativity. The artists happened to be all women, and their works dealt with events in their lives, their issues, their gods and goddesses, as well as contemporary challenges, and surroundings.

This black and white composition called "Dilli 2" is by artist Manisha Jha :

The show is currently on at Rabindra Bhavan, Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Is that a trash can?

It was good to see the trash cans at Delhi's scenic and beloved Lodhi Gardens getting dressed up. Post the make-over, these trash cans are getting a huge response from delighted visitors.

Cans turned into canvases

In fact, trash cans were earlier hardly noticed, and sadly not used much at all. The new trash cans are practically begging to be noticed and used.

A NEW CANVASYogesh Saini painting a trash can at Lodi Gardens

Such initiatives may slowly just make the Delhi citizen more aware and appreciative of its public spaces. That would be a huge contribution by the dedicated band of artists led by creative entrepreneur Yogesh Saini. The group has set its sights on many more dustbins, and then painting and transforming the larger spaces in the city. There are walls, subways, school and college compounds, playgrounds and many places waiting to be dressed up...

Saturday, November 9, 2013

A new ligament?

In today's world of advanced scans and MRIs, most of us would have been a little surprised to hear scientists had discovered a new body part: apparently we have one extra ligament in the knee we did not know about.



Time to pay homage to the great genius Leonardo Da Vinci:  We are still discovering how correct his drawings were, in all aspects including details of muscles, tendons and even blood vessels.

It was good to know about the Edinburgh International Festival, which showcased Da Vinci's distinctive anatomical drawings alongside modern day scans to show just how correct Da Vinci had been: 

In fact Leonardo is also venerated as the father of embryology by medical scientists. The study of the formation and maturity of the human foetus was totally unheard of in the time of Leonardo Da Vinci.