Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Immersive Art

The latest Samsung's virtual reality or VR headset allows viewers to have a three dimensional visual experience, even "seeing" beyond the periphery. Now a new project created to show off the headset has put together some of Van Gogh's paintings for an immersive experience into his works.

Some of the works included are: "The starry night", "Cafe terrace at night", "The night cafe", "Vase with twelve sunflowers", "The bedroom", and of course his self portraits.

They are put together separately, or combined, to let the viewer "walk through" the paintings, see them from different angles, up close or from far, examine the brushwork in detail, or just take in the impressions.

It is an interesting beginning. There could be of course more projects with different artists, and different works. But it also throws the field wide open with a whole lot of new ideas.

 Would one go beyond the paintings in these VR experiences? For example, for a painting like "The bedroom", could one show beyond the room and into other rooms? What about entering "The yellow house", or sitting at the night cafe?

There can be interesting combinations from the artist's own paintings. Could one look out of widows and doors of adjoining doors of Van Gogh's room, and find oneself looking out on "The view of Arles" or "Doctor Gachet's garden in Auvers"?!