Tuesday, January 26, 2016

A kaleidoscope of paintings

Winter in Delhi normally gets less severe after the festival of "Makar Sankranti". This is the day when the Sun stops moving southwards at the Topic of Capricorn (this southward journey is called "Dakshinayana"), and starts its northwards journey (or "Uttarayana") towards the Tropic of Cancer.

The international art symposium planned at Karma Lakelands, Gurgaon, was obviously to take advantage of the sunny weather post Makar Sankranti, and have an open-air live painting event.

A visit to the venue was like a kaleidoscope of colours and styles of art.

There was a variety of styles on display. There were compositions with bright colours and bold strokes. And there were some that almost blended with the patterns of nature, and seemed to celebrate them.

Artists came from different countries. Each had their own unique thinking, and things to say. And I had a good time chatting up with them.

I do think we need to have more of these events. Just like music has an orchestra, we do need artists with different things to say, to do their bit independently, and share their thoughts and experiences with each other.

The art works are on display beyond the event, and visitors can interpret the art works afterwards in any which way they want.

The Delhi weather allows outdoor painting only for a few months each year. So it would be great to have more of such events.