Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Jaya He to the dancing peacock

When the Mumbai T2 terminal opens to travelers next month, it will also be the country's largest art museum. The design of the airport is inspired by the dancing peacock', and its feather-styled roof leaves are equipped with special dichroic lights. As the lights chase the sun, and change direction, they shoot out arrows of multi-coloured lights on the floor.

This importance to design and art in public space is really welcome. If busy parents and children do not visit museums, why not bring art to their doors, railway platforms, and airports?
A three-kilometre long art-wall called 'Jaya He' has over 7000 art objects sourced from all the 27 states of the country, and extends a special welcome to passengers:

The potential audience for this art is awesome as about 40 million passengers are to be serviced annually at the airport. There are also specially commissioned installations, as this one by Sharmila Samant, created using bottle caps, on the theme of seven Indian mother goddesses. 

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